Abby's Ultimate Dance Competition (AUDC) Season 2 is reviewed. Weekly recaps, dancer and mom profiles, gossip - and more!

Abby's Ultimate Dance Competition (AUDC) Season 2 Premieres September 3, 2013 on Lifetime at 9/8c. I will be there to recap the nights events each week. Join me while I discuss the show, the contestants, the moms... and, oh yes, the DRAMA. You can expect new reviews after the show airs (Tuesdays) and original content related to the season on Fridays.

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S02E11 brings us an off-kilter Alice in Wonderland
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A look back at the dancer who was eliminated this week
Posted on: 11/09/13
S02E10 brings out the dancers' inner divas
Posted on: 11/06/13
See the group dance that was cut from this week's episode
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The theme is "Wild West Showdown"
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Who gets a fairytale ending in this episode?
Posted on: 10/15/13
What will the "Fairy Tales" episode bring?
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Posted on: 09/27/13
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The "drill sergeant" method of teaching children?
Posted on: 09/20/13
Power, takedowns, and an adorable little blonde girl in the role of Satan
Posted on: 09/17/13
The week when everyone was horrible
Posted on: 09/10/13
Who lost, who fell, and whose mom said The Worst Thing This Week?
Posted on: 09/03/13
Posted on: 09/02/13
Posted on: 09/02/13
Posted on: 09/02/13
Posted on: 09/02/13