Run Seattle Run

Penny Lane
Running experiences, nutrition and races in the Puget Sound

DIY Author

Scott James
Tips, tricks, and tools for self-publising authors.

21st Century Publisher

Scott James
Cutting edge publishing industry news, tools, and startups.

Lights, Cameras, Blockbusters!

Laurie P.
The best, most up-to-date happenings about all things movies!

Simple Saving

Donella C.
Making smart choices to spend less and save money.

Book Notes

Erika B
Fun articles about books, the eBook revolution and life as a reader.

The Chronic Couch Potato

Jason M.
A writer's-eye review of movies, television and the occasional video game

Strange Knits

Erika B
Geek knitting, fandom crafts and oddball ugly crafts like embellished sweatshirts

What's App With That?

Donella C.
Discovering, dishing and dissing apps for smartphones and tablets.

Practical Cooking

Erika B
Using leftovers, exploring ingredients, low-carb eating and other useful cooking advice

Just One More Link

Erika B
Aw, c'mon... you know you want to! Just check out ONE more interesting thing on the internet before going back to work. Don't worry, we won't tell your boss!

Eyes on the East

Jason M.
Politics and news from Palestine to Japan

Wide Eyes and Wandering

Mulv Jones
Budget backpacking: The places, the people and all the things in between

Mile High Madness

Mulv Jones
A look at Colorado sports, from the mainstream to the extreme.

Progressive Parenting, Conscious Caregiving

Sara S.
Daily ideas, discussions and deals for progressive parents, attachment parents, homeschoolers and unschoolers

Digital Bleeding

Online privacy band-aids and preventative care.

Abby's Ultimate Dance Competition Season 2 Review

Abby's Ultimate Dance Competition (AUDC) Season 2 is reviewed. Weekly recaps, dancer and mom profiles, gossip - and more!

Long Strange Trip

Jason M.
Touring the wondrous and strange places of the world


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Season 2, Episode 4 - Graham makes his first moves and Hannibal attempts to counter
Remaking ‘The Grudge’, Pee-wee coming back, Fox’s bold move and a surprise from the 80s
Season 2, Ep. 16 - Great action and some fun surprises
Ever tried this creative and critical thinking game?
Fascinating and surprisingly non-insulting
Plus cheese biscuits, chocolate orange brownies & more
Well, six of the best antiheroes that I’m familiar with