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It's legitimately cold this morning. #Singles #Villon #newyork-single.com #Chat:9-22-14_4:21am

5 hours 38 min ago
Katharine S.:

Just saw Guardians of the Galaxy tonight and wow, what a great movie! It's got to be my favorite comic book movie so far. #Singles #Katharine S. #newyork-single.com #Chat:9-22-14_4:21am

5 hours 38 min ago
Katharine S.:

Hanging out at Starbucks for long periods of time is nice for people watching as well as getting work done. I have a nice, comfortable chair in the corner where I can view most of what goes on between the door and the bar. I've watched a lot of people come and go today! #Singles #Katharine S. #newyork-single.com #Chat:9-21-14_7:20pm

14 hours 40 min ago
Katharine S.:

I know I should be more sympathetic to the fact that most of these are emotionally abusive relationships, especially considering I was in one myself just over ten years ago. But I can't help but be appalled. And a lot of these women have KIDS they are dragging through this muck. #Singles #Katharine S. #newyork-single.com #Chat:9-21-14_4:30pm

15 hours 56 min ago
Katharine S.:

And keeping in mind, I am in my mid-30s, and so are most of my drama-loving friends. Weren't they supposed to grow out of this stage when they stopped being teenagers? #Singles #Katharine S. #newyork-single.com #Chat:9-21-14_4:30pm

15 hours 59 min ago
Katharine S.:

Oh! takingnotes, speaking of sad -- you know what I find even worse than people posting their #Sports team affiliations or pictures of their #Pets? DRAMA. I have far too many friends on Facebook for which every day is a brand-new episode in the age-old story of "boy hurts girl, girl bitches about boy, boy makes it up to girl, girl raves about how wonderful boy is." Jeeeeeezus. #Singles #Katharine S. #newyork-single.com #Chat:9-21-14_4:30pm

16 hours 13 sec ago
Katharine S.:

My roommate is so annoying with football games. She gets all dressed up in her Bronco gear (including her "lucky sweat pants" that she claims helps the Broncos win games), puts Broncos bandanas on her #Dogs and sometimes her cat too, and sits alone in front of the TV yelling and cheering. It's kind of sad, really. Football fans are an odd bunch. #Singles #Katharine S. #newyork-single.com #Chat:9-21-14_4:30pm

16 hours 3 min ago
Katharine S.:

But I've also seen a lot of couples and groups of friends come in, get coffee and treats, and leave. Thank heavens the last group left. They were being very chatty, right next to where I am trying to work. #Singles #Katharine S. #newyork-single.com #Chat:9-21-14_4:30pm

16 hours 6 min ago
Katharine S.:

The students are probably all here to get away from fathers or roommates who are noisily watching the game, same as I am. Except I don't have homework to concentrate on, just... working from home. Eh, I guess it's not that different. #Singles #Katharine S. #newyork-single.com #Chat:9-21-14_4:30pm

16 hours 7 min ago
Katharine S.:

There are a lot of what appear to be students with their laptops and piles of schoolwork. I guess you don't have the luxury of being a football fan when you're in college, same as you don't really have the luxury of reading for pleasure, either. #Singles #Katharine S. #newyork-single.com #Chat:9-21-14_4:30pm

16 hours 8 min ago


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