Share these resources, ideas and news pieces with your kiddos and find out what they think!

Raising critical thinkers

My daughter never fails to amaze me with the various solutions and ideas she comes up with. I’m sure that your kids do the same thing to you! Here are a few pieces of food for thought to share with your kids over the weekend or upcoming week. Perhaps you’ll spark their interest and launch their work into solving a global crisis—or, if nothing else, have an interesting conversation.

Share this with your science nut. How can we stop wasting so much garbage? Explore Sweden’s trash solution and see what you can come up with together.

Analyze this video about GMO foods with your child. What do you think about it? Do you think GMOs are safe or not, and why or why not?

Get involved in National Flash Fiction Day. Don’t just write something—submit it somewhere to be published as well! Just do a web search for publications regarding your subject—for example, “science fiction flash fiction journal”—and find out where you can submit it. Chances are your child could be published for the first time.

Check out this TED Talk from Jerry Mintz about the power of democratic process in schools. What does your child think about it? How would his or her perfect school look—if it could exist at all?

Analyze this map of where gay marriage is now legal in the nation—and where it’s not. What does your child think about it? How does he or she predict it will change in the future?

Photo courtesy of Sara S.