Find out how to get rid of mold, detox your air and more naturally.

Natural Living: Home remedies, cures and ideas

I know not every family in the unschooling—or the homeschooling, for that matter—community is interested in natural living resources, but most of the ones I know are to at least some extent. I know families who make their own everything to those who just want to recycle and get rid of mold without harmful chemicals. I love this diversity and am not judging anyone for being green or not, or for making your own deo and poo (deodorant and shampoo for those in the know—for the record, I’m not one of these folks but I know a big of the lingo!)—but I do enjoy trying out new things and that’s why I’ll continue sharing ideas like these with you.

Grow some aloe vera and use it for these 11 different things.

And here’s a whopping 60 ways to use baking soda! I love baking soda.

Find out how to kill mold naturally. We have mold in our basement and I am planning on trying all of these until one works!

And while you’re doing that naturally, here are some ways to detox your air naturally, too. We’ve been thinking of getting another purifier to help with our allergies—we have one in the bedroom—but these other ideas may work just as well.

Make some natural bug repellant and sunscreen in one! How cool is that? My daughter and I made the soda bottle mosquito catchers I linked last week and so far, I don’t know if they’re working or not, but we wrote on the black paper with white crayon, “Shawshank Mosquito” and “Mosquito Alcatraz.” I sort-of explained these to her, and the idea of mosquito jails was hilarious to Wood Sprite.

Speaking of allergies, here are some natural allergy remedies.

If you hate the idea of using petroleum jelly, try making your own sans petroleum.

Here are 12 ways to kill stress, 14 drugs that you might be able to substitute turmeric for, and 15 recipes for veggie and fruit juice.

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