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A delicious problem

With Thanksgiving on the way, a lot of people are already looking forward to leftovers. It seems that leftover mashed potatoes are one of the most common things to stymie people on the day after Thanksgiving. And a lot of people end up with leftover mashed potatoes, because it's so easy to make too many, and they keep so well in the fridge.

First things first: mashed potatoes are easy to reheat. The key is to add a little bit of water or milk to rehydrate them. They get dried out in the fridge, which is why they are so cement-y the next day. You can reheat them either in the microwave or the stovetop, just be sure to stir them up several times during the reheat process so that they don't scorch on the outside (while staying stubbornly ice cold on the inside).

1. Croquettes
My personal favorite use for leftover mashed potatoes. Mix the mashed potatoes with some herbs, bread crumbs (or stuffing), and an egg, then fry them in a skillet. Drop them in by the spoonful and gently push them into a disc shape.

2. Shepherd's pie
Shepherd's pie is like the love child of a pot pie and a casserole. Essentially thick stew covered with a layer of mashed potatoes and baked until golden and warm. Delicious, and so filling!

3. Potato soup
If you have mashed potatoes, you've already done the tough part! Here's a recipe for cheddar potato soup that sounds hearty and perfect for a cold winter night.

4. Gnocchi
Here's where I have to admit that I have tried making gnocchi several times, and every time it has been a complete failure. My dumplings fall apart, and I basically end up making potato soup. Maybe you will have better luck?

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Soup! Great idea, and I do believe I'll have a ton of leftovers this year. We're a pretty small group this Thanksgiving, but I'm cooking for a huge amount of people. Hey, at least we'll all eat well for days and days, right? I love that cheddar soup idea. It seems perfect, now that it's freezing outside!

I've always been partial to putting them on toast for breakfast.  Throw some butter in there so it's not too dry and it's a filling and yummy (and easy) morning meal.  Especially good if you've made the mashed potatoes with lots of garlic and other goodies in them for flavor.