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I am a HUGE fan of the Golden Girls. I always have been. I was probably the only boy in my elementary school who preferred the antics of four old ladies over the other, likely more age appropriate, popular television shows of the day like the Power Rangers, Captain Planet and almost anything Stick Stickly had to offer. I was also a pretty big fan of Unsolved Mysteries and several other fabulous shows but I guess I will share those at a different time. It's Golden Girl time now!

To give you a little background on how I found all of these videos, in November the Hallmark Channel (where it usually plays during lat night) decided to take the Golden Girls away from America during the holidays to run a months long campaign to get everyone to hate Christmas. I mean that. So I was out looking for another way to watch my favorite old broads. Years ago, I made a promise to never buy physical media again (at least for myself). That was out of the question. So, it was off to the great and powerful inter-webs!

I did manage to find all of the seasons and episodes on YouTube (thank you, thank you GoldenGirlPalace!) but they were not in order, and I frequently had to use the search feature to get to the next episode I wanted. I decided to create this page to make things easier and so I could share it all with you!

Also, I got burned by other websites pretending you could watch the show for free. All of the links below go directly to the real deal on YouTube and not some third party junk site that is trying to make money (and how they even do that is a mystery to me).

Full Season

Each link below opens in a new window and starts on the first episode of the season. They will just continue to play until you are through with them all, so I hope you have a lot of time! Check out the links after this list for the individual episodes in case there is a certain one you would like to watch without watching them all (which is crazy to me).

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Here is an awesome guide I found on Wikipedia with descriptions of each show, too!

No. in
No. in
Title Directed by Written by Original air date
1 1 "The Engagement" Jay Sandrich Susan Harris September 14, 1985
Blanche Devereaux (Rue McClanahan), an attractive and carefree woman, has been dating a gentleman named Harry. Her roommates, Dorothy Zbornak (Bea Arthur) and Rose Nylund (Betty White), think he is about to propose. When he finally does, Blanche accepts. Both Dorothy and Rose have different views on the engagement - Rose worries about Blanche's future, and Dorothy feels happy. When Harry is thirty minutes late to the wedding, the ladies find out he is a polygamist with six wives. The wedding does not happen, and Blanche has a broken heart. Meanwhile, Dorothy's mother, Sophia Petrillo (Estelle Getty) moves into the house after her retirement home burns down.
Guest stars: Charles Levin as Coco; Frank Aletter as Harry; F. William Parker as the minister; Meshach Taylor as the cop.
Trivia: This is the only appearance of Coco, the gay cook/housekeeper. 
2 2 "Guess Who's Coming to the Wedding?" Paul Bogart Winifred Hervey September 21, 1985
Dorothy's daughter, Kate, comes to Miami with an announcement: she's engaged to a podiatrist. Dorothy's happiness dims when her daughter, Kate, asks that her father, Dorothy's ex-husband Stan, be present. Their marriage of thirty-eight years ended when Stan left Dorothy for a stewardess half her age named Krissy. Dorothy promises not to make a scene at the reception for her daughter's sake, which places Rose and Blanche in the roles of peacemakers. Dorothy after the wedding tells Stan what she felt after 38 years and when he left her for another woman.
Guest stars: Herbert Edelman as Stan Zbornak; Lisa Jane Persky as Kate; Dennis Drake as Dennis; Kurt Smilden as the priest.
Trivia: Kate and Dennis would reappear in the second season as played by Deena Freeman and Jonathan Perpich respectively. 
3 3 "Rose the Prude" Jim Drake Barry Fanaro & Mort Nathan September 28, 1985
Rose agrees to double-date with Blanche and two brothers: Jeffrey and Arnie Peterson. Blanche's date with Jeffrey ends badly, while Rose forms a romantic relationship with her date, Arnie, making him Rose's first boyfriend since Charlie's death. Arnie invites her to accompany him on a cruise, which would involve sharing a stateroom, something Rose is not sure she's ready for. The trip with Arnie is further complicated by a revelation from Rose about Charlie's death. Meanwhile, Dorothy and Sophia have a gin rummy marathon, with Dorothy hoping to end a thirty-year losing streak.
Guest star: Harold Gould as Arnie Peterson.
Trivia: Harold Gould would reappear in later seasons in the recurring role of Rose's boyfriend Miles Weber. 
4 4 "Transplant" Paul Bogart Susan Harris October 5, 1985
Blanche's sister Virginia, comes to visit Blanche for the first time in the show. Blanche has suspicions about her sister wanting something. She is surprised by what her sister wants, a kidney. Her sister is dying from kidney failure and Blanche is tortured by the decision of whether or not to do it.
Guest star: Sheree North as Virginia Hollingsworth.
Trivia: Sheree North reprised her role as Virginia in the fifth season. 
5 5 "The Triangle" Jim Drake Winifred Hervey October 19, 1985
An attractive doctor named Elliot is dating Dorothy, but makes a pass at Blanche. When Dorothy dismisses Blanche's warning as jealousy, Rose decides it's up to her to save their friendship.
Guest star: Peter Hansen as Dr. Elliot Clayton. 
6 6 "On Golden Girls" Jim Drake Liz Sage October 26, 1985
The household is disrupted when Blanche's unruly 14-year-old grandson David (Janet's son) visits, and Blanche shares with her roommates her guilt that she left her children largely to a nanny.
Guest stars: Billy Jacoby as David; John Hostetter as the policeman; Karl Wiedergott as Boy #1.
Trivia: In real life, Billy Jacoby is the brother of Scott Jacoby, who played the recurring role of Dorothy's son Michael Zbornak. 
7 7 "The Competition" Jim Drake Barry Fanaro & Mort Nathan November 2, 1985
Sophia's old boyfriend from Sicily, Augustine Bagatelli, arrives in town to ask Sophia to come back with him to Sicily for a visit; the girls enter a bowling tournament, which would mean a trip back to Sicily for Sophia if she and Rose win.
Guest star: Ralph Manza as Augustine Bagatelli. 
8 8 "Break-In" Paul Bogart Susan Harris November 9, 1985
While the ladies attend a Madonna concert, their house is burglarized, instilling fear especially in Rose. Rose is terrified after the burglary and does a number of things to protect herself - including buying a gun.
Guest star: Christian Clemenson as salesman. 
9 9 "Blanche and The Younger Man" Jim Drake James Berg & Stan Zimmerman November 16, 1985
Blanche's young fitness instructor (Dirk) asks her out; Rose's mother visits (Alma Lindstrom), but Rose's over-protectiveness causes problems.
Guest stars: Jeanette Nolan as Alma Lindstrom; Charles Hill as Dirk. 
10 10 "The Heart Attack" Jim Drake Susan Harris November 23, 1985
After a successful dinner party featuring Sophia's Sicilian cuisine, she has severe chest pain and thinks she is having a heart attack. Sophia is convinced that she's dying, and Dorothy must face her fear of becoming an orphan.
Guest star: Ronald Hunter as Dr. Harris. 
11 11 "Stan's Return" Jim Drake Terry Grossman & Kathy Speer November 30, 1985
When Dorothy's ex-husband, Stan, visits to have her sign some legal documents, they end up in bed, which Stan thinks means reconciliation, but Dorothy isn't sure.
Guest stars: Herb Edelman as Stan Zbornak; Simone Griffeth as Chrissy. 
12 12 "The Custody Battle" Terry Hughes Winifred Hervey December 7, 1985
Blanche and Rose audition for the same part in Macbeth; Dorothy's wealthy sister, Gloria, visits with the intention of persuading Sophia to move to California with her.
Guest star: Doris Belack as Gloria.
Trivia: The role of Gloria would be played by Dena Dietrich in the 7th season. 
13 13 "A Little Romance" Terry Hughes Barry Fanaro & Mort Nathan December 14, 1985
Though Rose has been dating Dr. Newman for a month, she is reluctant to introduce the girls to him. When Blanche invites him over for dinner without consulting Rose first, they see why: he is a dwarf. He tells Rose that he has "important news" for her; she assumes he intends to propose and frets over how to respond.
Guest stars: Brent Collins as Dr. Jonathan Newman; Billy Barty as Edgar Lindstrom; Jeane Dixon as herself. 
14 14 "That Was No Lady" Jim Drake Liz Sage December 21, 1985
After a few passion-filled dates, Dorothy's beau admits that he is married. Though outraged at his deception, Dorothy finds herself still attracted to him.
Guest star: Alex Rocco as Glen O'Brien.
Trivia: The Glen O'Brien character returned in the 5th season and was played by Jerry Orbach
15 15 "In a Bed of Rose's" Terry Hughes Susan Harris January 11, 1986
Rose brings a date home and wakes to find him dead. She confides in her roommates that her husband also died while they were making love. Believing that she kills men by sleeping with them, Rose becomes depressed and says she will never sleep with another man.
Guest stars: Priscilla Morrill as Lucille Beatty; Richard Roat as Al Beatty. 
16 16 "The Truth Will Out" Terry Hughes Susan Beavers January 18, 1986
Rose has often bragged to her children and grandchildren about Charlie's success, but the settlement of his estate discloses that he left his widow nearly nothing.
Guest stars: Christine Belford as Kirsten; Bridgette Andersen as Charley.
Trivia: Kirsten was played by Lee Garlington in the 7th season. 
17 17 "Nice and Easy" Terry Hughes Stuart Silverman February 1, 1986
Blanche upbraids her favorite niece, Lucy, for flitting from bed to bed, while Lucy charges Blanche with her own reputation for being "fast."
Guest star: Hallie Todd as Lucy. 
18 18 "The Operation" Terry Hughes Winifred Hervey February 8, 1986
Dorothy injures herself attempting to perform a "Cincinnati time step with a double pull-back" and requires foot surgery. She is terrified until she meets her hospital roommate: a woman with breast cancer. When Dorothy asks the woman if she's afraid, the women responds by saying that of course she is but," Life goes on, when it comes right down to it what other choice do we have." The woman's words of wisdom leave Dorothy feeling silly over making such a big fuss over her own minor surgery. Dorothy goes through with the surgery and wakes up to find that she has been kicked out of the ladies tap dancing trio. Blanche and Rose have now formed a new name for the two of them. "The Two Merry Widows"
Guest stars: Robert Picardo as Dr. Revell; Anne Haney as Bonnie; Bill Quinn as the priest.
Trivia: Robert Picardo is best known for his role as The Doctor on Star Trek: Voyager
19 19 "Second Motherhood" Gary Shimokawa Christopher Lloyd February 15, 1986
Blanche dates a wealthy man with marriage on his mind. He also has two young children. Having reared her own family, Blanche doesn't want to raise children again. Meanwhile, Rose and Dorothy install a toilet. In the end, Blanche realizes that she isn't concerned about being a mother again, but about being third in her lover's life.
Guest stars: Kevin McCarthy as Richard; Alan Blumenfeld as Lou. 
20 20 "Adult Education" Jack Shea James Berg & Stan Zimmerman February 22, 1986
The girls try desperately to get Frank Sinatra tickets, while Blanche attends night school in hopes of getting a promotion at the museum. When she struggles with one of her courses, her professor offers her an "easy" way to a good grade: sleep with him. In the end she tells off Professor Cooper.
Guest star: Jerry Hardin
21 21 "The Flu" Terry Hughes James Berg & Stan Zimmerman March 1, 1986
Blanche, Dorothy, and Rose all come down with the flu and are at one another's throats. When all are revealed as contenders for the "Best Friend of the Friends of Good Health" award, they all are determined to attend, though all are still ill. During one scene, Blanche wants to watch Another World, a show on which Rue McClanahan (who plays Blanche) appeared in the early 1970s.
Guest stars: Marcelo Tubert as Raoul; Dom Irrera as waiter; Silvana Gallardo as the Emcee. 
22 22 "Job Hunting" Paul Bogart Terry Grossman & Kathy Speer March 8, 1986
Due to a lack of funding, the grief-counseling center is closed, forcing Rose to seek employment elsewhere, but she faces age discrimination. Due to her frustration of failing to find work, Rose decides to continue counseling people from home, much to the annoyance of Dorothy and Blanche. At their wit's end, the ladies inspire Rose to persevere and "stretch the truth" on her job interviews. Meanwhile, Blanche flirts with one of Rose's former clients who has an infatuation with fat women and Dorothy reconnects with an old flame who she later finds out is gay.
Trivia: This episode was the second one to be produced, but was held over for later in the season for unknown reasons. 
23 23 "Blind Ambitions" Terry Hughes Bob Colleary March 29, 1986
Rose's sister Lily comes to visit for the first time since losing her sight; the rest of the girls do spring cleaning and hold a garage sale to raise funds for a new television. It is revealed that Lily only came to ask Rose to come home wih her and take care of her. Rose tells her she has to go to blind school and in the end Lily goes to the school and receives Becky, a Service Canine.
Guest stars: Polly Holliday as Lily; Stuart Fratkin as Man # 2. 
24 24 "Big Daddy" Terry Hughes Barry Fanaro & Mort Nathan May 3, 1986
Blanche's father visits with a big surprise: he has sold the family mansion to finance his dream to become a country singer. Dorothy feuds with the girls' next-door neighbor over storm damage.
Guest stars: Murray Hamilton as Big Daddy Hollingsworth; Gordon Jump as Leonard Barton; Peggy Pope as Gladys Barton; Gary Grubbs as waiter; Tony Frank as Cowboy # 1; Blake Emmons as Cowboy # 2.
Trivia: Big Daddy was played by David Wayne in the second season. 
25 25 "The Way We Met" Terry Hughes Barry Fanaro, Terry Grossman, Winifred Hervey, Mort Nathan, and Kathy Speer May 10, 1986
After watching the movie Psycho, the girls reminisce about how they came to live together.
Guest stars: Shirley Prestia as Madame Zelda; Edan Gross as little boy; Dom Irrera as produce clerk. 

Season 2: 1986-1987

Ep No. Title Directed by: Written by: Original air date
26 1 "End of the Curse" Terry Hughes Susan Harris September 27, 1986
While Rose and Dorothy try their hands at mink-breeding, Blanche thinks she is pregnant. A visit to the doctor reveals otherwise: it is the onset of menopause.

Trivia: Rue McClanahan won the award for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series at the 1987 Emmy Awards for this episode 
27 2 "Ladies of the Evening" Terry Hughes Barry Fanaro,
Mort Nathan
October 4, 1986
The roommates are excited when they win tickets to the premiere of Burt Reynolds's new movie and passes to the after-party (except for Sophia, who is none too happy about it). But on the way, the girls stop for a drink in the bar of the hotel where they're staying: a hotel that turns out to be a brothel. The girls are mistaken for prostitutes and end up in jail in a mass raid.
Guest stars: Burt Reynolds as himself; Rhonda Aldrich as Meg; Ron Michaelson as Carl; Amelia Kinkade as Hooker # 2; Ursaline Bryant as Hooker # 3; Peter Jason as policeman.
Trivia: The celebrities Rose mentions as guests of the party (Burt Reynolds, Dom DeLuise, Loni Anderson and Charles Nelson Reilly) all worked together on the 1989 animated feature film All Dogs Go to Heaven, produced and released three years after this episode. 
28 3 "Take Him, He's Mine" Terry Hughes Terry Grossman,
Kathy Speer
October 11, 1986
Blanche and Stan hit it off, angering Dorothy. Rose and Sophia team up to sell sandwiches, despite threats from "the mob."
Guest stars: Herb Edelman as Stan Zbornak. 
29 4 "It's a Miserable Life" Terry Hughes Barry Fanaro,
Mort Nathan
November 1, 1986
The girls campaign to save a 200-year-old oak tree in their neighborhood, but the tree is on the property of Frieda Claxton, a notorious grump. When Rose yells at her to "drop dead" in an angry moment, Mrs. Claxton dies then and there, and Rose is wracked with guilt feelings.
Guest stars: Nan Martin as Frida Claxton; Johnny Haymer as the Commissioner; Amzie Strickland as lady at the funeral.
Trivia:Nan Martin would reappear in the 4th season in the role of Sophia's old friend Philomena Bosco. 
30 5 "Isn't It Romantic" Terry Hughes Jeffrey Duteil November 8, 1986
Dorothy's friend Jean, a lesbian, comes to visit after her longtime partner dies. Rose and Jean have a lot in common and they strike up a fast friendship, but Jean starts falling in love with Rose, who's unaware of her new friend's sexuality.
Guest stars: Lois Nettleton as Jean.
Trivia: In 1987 this episode won the Emmy for Outstanding Directing in a Comedy Series.[1] 
31 6 "Big Daddy's Little Lady" David Steinberg Russell Marcus November 15, 1986
Blanche is pleased when her father, Big Daddy, announces he plans to marry "the widow Spencer," until she learns that the widow is a woman younger than she is. Blanche struggles to deal with her father's choice, while Dorothy and Rose enter a song-writing contest.
Guest stars: David Wayne as Big Daddy Hollingsworth; Sondra Currie as Margaret Spencer. 
32 7 "Family Affair" Terry Hughes Winifred Hervey November 22, 1986
Rose's visiting daughter and Dorothy's visiting son bicker their way into bed together in Blanche's room, where Blanche and the other girls catch them in the act.
Guest stars: Scott Jacoby as Michael Zbornak; Marilyn Jones as Bridget Nylund. 
33 8 "Vacation" Terry Hughes Winifred Hervey November 29, 1986
Dorothy, Rose, and Blanche vacation in the Caribbean, but find the accommodations seriously not to their liking. Events culminate in the girls being marooned on a deserted island and facing the possibility that they won't return home alive. Back in Miami, Sophia woos a Japanese gardener.
Guest stars: Tom Villard as Rick; Stephen Lee as Dwayne; Stuart Pankin as Jacques De Courville; Keye Luke as Toshiro Mitsumo; Paul Rodriguez as Ramone.
Trivia: Keye Luke was known for playing the voice of the villainous Zoltar in Battle of the Planets, the Americanized dub of the anime Science Ninja Team Gatchaman
34 9 "Joust Between Friends" Terry Hughes Scott Spencer Gordon December 6, 1986
When Dorothy is forced to take three months' leave from teaching, Blanche gets her a job at the art museum where she works. It quickly causes a rift between them, as Blanche becomes jealous of Dorothy's aptitude at her job and rapport with the boss. Blanche then discovers that Dorothy is hiding something from her (unaware that it's a surprise party to honor Blanche), and quits her job in a fit of rage.
Guest star: Reid Shelton as Mr. Allen. 
35 10 "Love, Rose" Terry Hughes Terry Grossman,
Kathy Speer
December 13, 1986
Rose gets answers to her personal ad from "Isaac Q. Newton" — a fictitious suitor invented by Blanche and Dorothy. They panic when Rose finds a real Isaac Q. Newton in the phone book and invites him to a banquet.
Guest star: Paul Dooley as Isaac Q. Newton.
Trivia: Paul Dooley reappeared at the end of the second season as Dr. George Corliss in the original test pilot for Empty Nest
36 11 "'Twas the Nightmare Before Christmas" Terry Hughes Barry Fanaro,
Mort Nathan
December 20, 1986
A series of mishaps almost ruins the ladies' Christmas.
Guest stars: Craig Richard Nelson as Thurber; Teddy Wilson as Albert; Sam Anderson as Meyer; Terry Kiser as Santa Claus. 
37 12 "The Sisters" Terry Hughes Christopher Lloyd January 3, 1987
Dorothy arranges for Sophia's sister, Angela, to fly from Sicily to Miami as a surprise gift for Sophia's birthday, not realizing that Sophia and Angela have been feuding for decades.
Guest star: Nancy Walker as Angela. 
38 13 "The Stan Who Came to Dinner" Terry Hughes Terry Grossman,
Kathy Speer
January 10, 1987
After major heart surgery, Stan temporarily moves in with the ladies, and quickly overstays his welcome.
Guest stars: Herb Edelman as Stan Zbornak; Steve Kramer as Dr. Stephen Deutsch; Mario Machado as sportscaster (voice). 
39 14 "The Actor" Terry Hughes Barry Fanaro,
Mort Nathan
January 17, 1987
The ladies act in a community play that stars a suave actor, Patrick. He asks Blanche to go out with him one night, and Rose the next, and Dorothy the next.
Guest stars: Lloyd Bochner as Patrick Vaughan; Janet Carroll as Phyllis Hammerow; Frank Birney as stage manager. 
40 15 "Before and After" Terry Hughes Bob Rosenfarb January 24, 1987
Rose decides to live every moment after suffering an esophageal spasm. After clashing with Blanche and Dorothy, she moves into a new apartment with new, younger roommates. Rose then feels out of place with these new women as they simply live together and are not friends as she was with her old roommates.
Guest stars: Deborah May as Liz; Rosanna Huffman as Stephanie; Nat Bernstein as Dr. Wallerstein; Tony Pope as doorman (voice). 
41 16 "And Then There Was One" Terry Hughes Russell Marcus January 31, 1987
Sophia runs in a marathon, while the ladies babysit several children of runners; the parents of one child do not return.The ladies must then contemplate whether or not to keep the baby and raise it themselves or hand it over to child services.
Guest stars: Ray Combs as Bob Henderson; Ariana Richards as Lisa; Scott Curtis as Timmy; Nat Bernstein as Emily's father.
Trivia: Ray Combs was best known as the host of the TV game show Family Feud from 1988 to 1994. 
42 17 "Bedtime Story" Terry Hughes Barry Fanaro,
Terry Grossman,
Mort Nathan,
Kathy Speer
February 7, 1987
Trying to decide on sleeping arrangements for visiting relatives, the ladies reminisce about places where they have previously slept, from a train station to Sophia's bed. 
43 18 "Forgive Me, Father" Terry Hughes Terry Grossman,
Kathy Speer
February 14, 1987
Dorothy has her eye on handsome Frank until he discloses that he's a Catholic priest — who's thinking, he tells her, of "leaving the church."
Guest star: John McMartin as Father Frank Leahy. 
44 19 "Long Day's Journey into Marinara" Terry Hughes Barry Fanaro,
Mort Nathan
February 21, 1987
Sophia's sister moves to Miami, as all her relatives back in Sicily are dead. Sophia frets that Angela will try to take everything she has, including her boyfriend. Meanwhile, Rose, who has been babysitting a friend's piano-playing chicken, is horrified when it appears that Angela has killed the chicken and fried it up for dinner.
Guest stars: Nancy Walker as Angela; Joe Alfasa as Tony; Esther Larner as woman. 
45 20 "Whose Face Is This, Anyway?" Terry Hughes Winifred Hervey February 28, 1987
After a reunion with her sorority sisters, Blanche reports that all of them look years younger than she, thanks to plastic surgery, and decides to get plastic surgery herself. Meanwhile, Rose decides to film a day in the life of her roommates for a school project.
Guest star: Joseph Whipp as Dr. Taylor. 
46 21 "Dorothy's Prized Pupil" Terry Hughes Christopher Lloyd March 14, 1987
Dorothy tutors a young Hispanic boy whose prize-winning essay results in the discovery that he is an illegal alien. Meanwhile, Rose decides that she must become Blanche's personal slave for a week to atone for losing a pair of Blanche's earrings, which it turns out that Blanche herself lost.
Guest stars: Mario Lopez as Mario; John Braden as Sam Burns; Danny Goldman as man in theatre; Chip Olcott as Burt Nesbitt.
Trivia: Mario Lopez would go on to be well known for his role on the sitcom Saved by the Bell
47 22 "Diamond in the Rough" Terry Hughes Jan Fischer,
William Weidner
March 21, 1987
Blanche dates a handsome caterer, but can't quite fall for a man who doesn't use a knife and fork.
Guest stars: Donnelly Rhodes as Jake Smollens; Mike Muscat as waiter; Glenn Shadix as musician; Howard Witt as Hunter McCoy. 
48 23 "Son-in-Law Dearest" Terry Hughes Patt Shea,
Harriett Weiss
April 11, 1987
Dorothy receives a visit from her daughter, Kate, who has important news - her husband has had an affair and she's left him. When Kate decides to forgive her husband, a dismayed Dorothy tries to talk her out of it, creating a rift between mother and daughter. Meanwhile, Blanche and Rose watch an I Love Lucy marathon on television.
Guest stars: Herb Edelman as Stan Zbornak; Deena Freeman as Kate; Jonathan Perpich as Dennis.
Trivia: Deena Freeman is probably best known for her recurring role of Henry Rush's niece April in the 2nd season of the sitcom Too Close for Comfort
49 24 "To Catch a Neighbor" Terry Hughes Russell Marcus May 2, 1987
The girls allow two undercover cops to use their house as a base for spying on their neighbors, who are suspected of being jewel thieves.
Guest stars: Joseph Campanella as Al Mullins; George Clooney as Bobby Hopkins; Barbara Tarbuck as Martha McDowell. 
50 25 "A Piece of Cake" Terry Hughes Barry Fanaro,
Terry Grossman,
Mort Nathan,
Kathy Speer
May 9, 1987
The ladies recall other birthday celebrations while preparing a surprise birthday party for a friend.
Guest stars: Alan Blumenfeld as Mr. Ha Ha; Sid Melton as Salvatore Petrillo (voice); Lynnie Greene as young Dorothy Zbornak. 
51 26 "Empty Nest" Jay Sandrich Susan Harris May 16, 1987
Neighbors Renee and George are having marital problems.
Guest stars: Paul Dooley as Dr. George Corliss; Rita Moreno as Renee Corliss; David Leisure as Oliver; Jane Harnick as Jenny Corliss; Geoffrey Lewis as Chuck.
Trivia:This episode was a pilot that was intended to become the spin-off series Empty Nest, but the cast and concept were changed significantly before the latter launched as a series. 

Season 3: 1987-1988

Ep No. Title Directed by: Written by: Original air date
52 1 "Old Friends" Terry Hughes Terry Grossman,
Kathy Speer
September 19, 1987
Sophia has a new friend, but as the friendship deepens, the old fellow's behavior becomes erratic, and she learns he has Alzheimer's Disease. At home, Blanche accidentally gives away Rose's cherished teddy bear to a Girl Scout. When Blanche tries to get the bear back for Rose, the freckled little girl holds the teddy for ransom.
Guest stars: Joe Seneca as Alvin Newcastle; Jenny Lewis as Daisy. 
53 2 "One for the Money" Terry Hughes Barry Fanaro,
Terry Grossman,
Winifred Hervey,
Mort Nathan,
Kathy Speer
September 26, 1987
The ladies recall their attempts to earn extra money, including starting a catering business.
Guest stars: Sid Melton as Salvadore Petrillo; Lynnie Greene as young Dorothy Zbornak; Roy Stuart as Marty; Conrad Janis as dance announcer. 
54 3 "Bringing Up Baby" Terry Hughes Barry Fanaro,
Mort Nathan
October 3, 1987
The ladies can split a cool $100,000 if they care for an elderly pig in their home until it dies. Meanwhile, Sophia shuffles around blind as a bat after losing her eyeglasses at the mall.
Guest star: Parley Baer as Chester T. Raney. 
55 4 "The Housekeeper" Terry Hughes Winifred Hervey October 17, 1987
In Sophia's absence, the ladies hire a housekeeper, Marguerite, who charms all the ladies but is lousy at keeping house. When they fire her, she storms out, telling the ladies they've made a big mistake. At first the ladies think nothing of it until they all receive terrible luck and become convinced that Marguerite has placed a voodoo curse on them.
Guest star: Paula Kelly as Marguerite Brown. 
56 5 "Nothing to Fear But Fear Itself" Terry Hughes Christopher Lloyd October 24, 1987
When Rose's great-aunt dies, she must fly to the Bahamas to deliver the eulogy — and speaking in public is her greatest fear. She persuades Blanche and Dorothy to come along, where they end up facing their own fears. At home, Sophia enters a cook-off for the Daughters of Sicily.
Guest star: Meg Wylie as Candy the stewardess; Paul Ross as Captain Lord (voice). 
57 6 "Letter to Gorbachev" Terry Hughes Barry Fanaro,
Mort Nathan
October 31, 1987
Mikhail Gorbachev's US representatives report that their leader was touched by Rose's letter pleading for nuclear disarmament and that he's eager to meet Rose — who, they all assume, must be a little girl, given her letter's naivete. As Blanche and Dorothy ponder how to break the news to Rose, Sophia tries to devise the perfect act for a talent show.
Guest star: Allan Rich as Alexi.
Trivia: This episode features the famous "Thanks for the Medicare" scene. 
58 7 "Strange Bedfellows" Terry Hughes Christopher Lloyd November 7, 1987
A political candidate for whom the ladies are campaigning says that he and Blanche had an affair. Blanche protests her innocence, but the girls don't believe her.
Guest star: John Schuck as Gil Kessler. 
59 8 "Brotherly Love" Terry Hughes Jeffrey Ferro,
Fredric Weiss
November 14, 1987
Stan's brother Ted, an attractive doctor, comes to town, and soon causes trouble between Blanche and Dorothy and between himself and Stan. Meanwhile, Rose is dealing with a severe run of insomnia, which it turns out is caused by drinking tea.
Guest star: McLean Stevenson as Dr. Theodore "Ted" Zbornak.
Trivia: McLean Stevenson is best known for his role of Lieutenant Colonel Henry Blake on the TV series M*A*S*H
60 9 "A Visit from Little Sven" Terry Hughes David Nichols November 21, 1987
Rose's young, clueless cousin Sven arrives from Sweden on his way to St. Olaf to meet his bride-to-be; Blanche uses him to make her cheating boyfriend jealous.
Guest stars: Casey Sander as Sven; Chuck Walling as Floyd McCallum; Yvette Heyden as Olga ("the lean, mean, Swedish machine" per Sophia). 
61 10 "The Audit" Terry Hughes Winifred Hervey November 28, 1987
Dorothy and Stan are audited by the IRS, and they may be in deep trouble due to Stan's extravagant spending. Meanwhile, Rose takes a Spanish class at night school to qualify for a promotion at work, and Blanche tags along because she figures it'll be a good way to meet smart men.
Guest stars: Tony Perez as Mr. Escobar; Richard Penn as Mr. Murray. 
62 11 "Three on a Couch" Terry Hughes Jeffrey Ferro,
Fredric Weiss
December 5, 1987
Constant bickering leads the ladies to seek professional counseling from a psychiatrist.
Guest stars: Philip Sterling as Dr. Ashley; Terry Wills as Carl; John C. Moskoff as Jerry. 
63 12 "Charlie's Buddy" Terry Hughes Terry Grossman,
Kathy Speer
December 12, 1987
A visitor announces he is an army buddy of Charlie, Rose's late husband. The two hit it off, to the point that Rose considers moving away with him, but Dorothy is suspicious.
Guest star: Milo O'Shea as Buddy Rourke. 
64 13 "The Artist" Terry Hughes Christopher Lloyd December 19, 1987
Suave, sexy artist Lazlo chooses Blanche as his nude model for a sculpture. When Blanche sneaks a peek at Lazlo's sketches, she is indignant: the pictures resemble Rose. Dorothy soon reveals that Lazlo asked her to pose, too, and the three bicker over which of them will be immortalized in stone.
Guest stars: Tony Jay as Laszlo; Monte Landis as Victor. 
65 14 "Blanche's Little Girl" Terry Hughes Terry Grossman,
Kathy Speer
January 9, 1988
Blanche wants to defend her daughter, whose boyfriend speaks to her abusively, but she's afraid that if she does, her daughter will resent her interference and they will again be estranged. Meanwhile, Sophia, now working at a fast-food restaurant, organizes a strike against her tyrannical boss - a pre-teen boy.
Guest stars: Shawn Schepps as Rebecca Devereaux; Joe Regalbuto as Jeremy, Scott Menville as McCracken; Meg Wylie as Edna.
Trivia: The character of Rebecca would reappear in Seasons 5 and 6 played by Debra Engle. Joe Regalbuto is best known for his role as Frank Fontana on the TV series Murphy Brown, while Scott Menville is known for playing the voice of the superhero Robin from the animated DC Comics series Teen Titans
66 15 "Dorothy's New Friend" Terry Hughes Robert Bruce,
Martin Weiss
January 16, 1988
Dorothy enjoys the intellectual stimulation of her friendship with new pal Barbara Thorndike, a novelist, but Barbara's superior air and snobby ways rub Blanche and Rose the wrong way.
Guest star: Bonnie Bartlett as Barbara Thorndike. 
67 16 "Grab That Dough" Terry Hughes Winifred Hervey January 23, 1988
The girls visit Hollywood, California, to be on the game show Grab that Dough. They are forced to travel cross-country the day before the show, and from there, everything goes wrong: the airline loses their luggage; their hotel has no vacant rooms and they're forced to sleep in the lobby; their purses are stolen; and when they finally get to the TV station for the taping, Dorothy and Blanche end up pitting themselves against Rose and Sophia.
Guest stars: Jim McKrell as Guy Corbin; Lucy Lee Flippin as Nancy.
Trivia: Lucy Lee Flippin is probably best known for her role as Eliza Jane Wilder on the classic TV series Little House on the Prairie
68 17 "My Brother, My Father" Terry Hughes Barry Fanaro,
Mort Nathan
February 6, 1988
While Rose and Blanche rehearse for their roles in The Sound of Music, Sophia has a request for Dorothy: pretend to be married to Stan for Angelo, her priest brother, who will be visiting.
Guest stars: Herb Edelman as Stan Zbornak; Bill Dana as Uncle Angelo. 
69 18 "Golden Moments (Part 1)" Terry Hughes Barry Fanaro,
Terry Grossman,
Mort Nathan,
Kathy Speer
February 13, 1988
Sophia intends to move to New Jersey to live with her eccentric son, Phil.
Trivia: This episode was mostly a compilation of clips from previous episodes. 
70 19 "Golden Moments (Part 2)" Terry Hughes Terry Grossman,
Winifred Hervey,
Kathy Speer
February 13, 1988
Dorothy, Blanche, and Rose try to talk Sophia out of leaving.
Trivia: This episode was mostly a compilation of clips from previous episodes. 
71 20 "And Ma Makes Three" Terry Hughes Winifred Hervey February 20, 1988
With all her friends either dying or moving away, Sophia becomes the "third wheel" in Dorothy's latest relationship.
Guest stars: James Karen as Raymond, Steven M. Porter as waiter; Marte Boyle Slout as Charlotte; Frank Smith as Duncan. 
72 21 "Larceny and Old Lace" Terry Hughes Robert Bruce,
Jeffrey Ferro,
Fredric Weiss,
Martin Weiss
February 27, 1988
Sophia's latest boyfriend, Rocco, claims to have been a mobster, so when the girls discover a bag of Rocco's with thousands of dollars in it, they assume he robbed a bank. Meanwhile, Dorothy and Blanche sneak a peak at Rose's diary, and discover what appear to be insulting things Rose has written about them.
Guest star: Mickey Rooney as Rocco. 
73 22 "Rose's Big Adventure" Terry Hughes Jeff Abugov March 12, 1988
Rose's newly-retired beau plans a cruise around the world — with Rose as his first mate. Meanwhile, the girls deal with remodeling the garage into a guest room.
Guest stars: George Coe as Al, Vito Scotti as Vincenzo; Don Woodard as Ernie. 
74 23 "Mixed Blessings" Terry Hughes Christopher Lloyd March 19, 1988
Dorothy's son Michael plans to wed a much older African-American woman, Lorraine. Dorothy complains of the age difference, but when Lorraine's mother and aunts arrive, they have something to say about Michael's color. The families try to unite to stop the wedding, but they may be too late.
Guest stars: Scott Jacoby as Michael Zbornak; Rosalind Cash as Lorraine; Virginia Capers as Greta; Lynn Hamilton as Trudy; Montrose Hagins as Libby; Hartley Silver as Justice of the Peace. 
75 24 "Mister Terrific" Terry Hughes Terry Grossman,
Kathy Speer
April 30, 1988
Rose starts dating television superhero "Mr. Terrific." He gets Dorothy a job on his show, but Dorothy's recommendations to the producer get Mr. Terrific fired.
Guest stars: Bob Dishy as Mr. Terrific; Lonny Price as Hastings; Jody Price as Jody; Don Woodard as Kolak; John Wheeler as patron; Jim Hudson as Freddy; Raf Mauro as bartender; Ron Kapra as stage manager. 
76 25 "Mother's Day" Terry Hughes Barry Fanaro,
Terry Grossman,
Mort Nathan,
Kathy Speer
May 7, 1988
Waiting for their children to call, the girls reminisce about previous Mother's Days: Dorothy remembers asking Stan's mother for money; Sophia remembers an incident involving her mother, played by Bea Arthur; Rose reminisces about a motherly lady she once met at a bus station, whose biological daughter died many years earlier; and Blanche remembers the last Mother's Day she spent with her mother.
Guest stars: Geraldine Fitzgerald as Anna (the lady at the bus station); Alice Ghostley as Mrs. Zbornak; Sid Melton as Salvadore Petrillo, Lynnie Greene as young Dorothy Zbornak; Helen Kleeb as Elizabeth Hollingsworth; Wesley Mann as Jacob; Terrence Evans as police officer. 

Season 4: 1988-1989

Ep No. Title Directed by: Written by: Original air date
77 1 "Yes, We Have No Havanas" Terry Hughes Barry Fanaro,
Mort Nathan
October 8, 1988
Blanche and Sophia date the same man, causing a rift between them; Dorothy teaches a history class for General Equivalency Diploma candidates, who include Rose.
Guest stars: Henry Darrow as Fidel Santiago; Ralph Ahn as Jim Shu; Magda Harout as woman at funeral; John Achorn as priest. 
78 2 "The Days and Nights of Sophia Petrillo" Terry Hughes Terry Grossman,
Kathy Speer
October 22, 1988
Sophia plans to go to the market and buy a nectarine, which she does every day. The other girls worry that she is too old and frail to enjoy life. However, the tables are turned: Sophia has a full day, rallying fellow shoppers to fight return policies at a supermarket, leading a charity band on the boardwalk, and volunteering at a hospital, while the other girls sit around the kitchen table talking about how to pass the time.
Guest stars: Frances Bay as Claire; Ellen Albertini Dow as Mrs. Leonard; Peggy Gilbert as Esther; David Selburg as store manager; Nick DeMauro as clerk; Allen Bloomfield as Abe; Kokko Burnaby as Sam; Marian Wells as Wanda; Darlene Kardon as woman. 
79 3 "The One That Got Away" Terry Hughes Christopher Lloyd October 29, 1988
Blanche is expecting a visit from a high-school friend who, she claims, is the only man that ever rejected her. She becomes determined to seduce him to "perfect" her record - even when it turns out that he's grown fat and bald. Meanwhile, Rose claims to have seen a UFO and gets the Air Force involved.
Guest stars: John Harkins as Ham Lushbough; Tom Dahlgren as Major Barker; Nick Toth as waiter. 
80 4 "Yokel Hero" Terry Hughes Robert Bruce,
Martin Weiss
November 5, 1988
Rose is nominated to be St. Olaf's "Woman of the Year," but soon becomes convinced that she isn't qualified to win and sinks into a depression. Dorothy and Blanche secretly touch up her list of accomplishments.
Guest stars: Richard Mulligan as pediatrician Dr. Harry Weston (cross-promoting the NBC sitcom Empty Nest); Valente Rodriguez as Fred; Jim Doughan as Ben; Doug Cox as Sven; James Lashly as driver. 
81 5 "Bang the Drum, Stanley" Terry Hughes Robert Bruce,
Martin Weiss
November 12, 1988
Stan, hard-pressed for money, asks Dorothy and Sophia to a baseball game to butter up his ex-wife and get a loan. When Sophia is hit on the head by a ball at the game, Stan hatches a scheme to sue the ballpark, while Blanche and Rose prepare to be in a local musical production.
Guest stars: Herb Edelman as Stan Zbornak; Ben Rawnsley as Dr. Jerry; William Denis as Dr. Cauley; Helen Duffy as woman in wheelchair; Matthew Brooks as Timmy. 
82 6 "Sophia's Wedding (Part 1)" Terry Hughes Barry Fanaro,
Mort Nathan
November 19, 1988
Sophia's dearest friend dies, and Sophia comforts her friend's widower, Max Weinstock. Meanwhile, Rose and Blanche start an unofficial Elvis fan club.
Guest stars: Jack Gilford as Max Weinstock, Raye Birk as caterer, Sid Melton as Salvadore Petrillo, Blake Gibbons as an Elvis Presley impersonator; Quentin Tarantino as an Elvis Presley impersonator. 
83 7 "Sophia's Wedding (Part 2)" Terry Hughes Barry Fanaro,
Mort Nathan
November 26, 1988
Sophia and Max return from their honeymoon, and they try to resurrect Max and Salvador's old pizza-and-knish stand at the beach. A stressed-out Dorothy starts smoking cigarettes again, fifteen years after quitting.
Guest star: Jack Gilford
84 8 "Brother, Can You Spare That Jacket?" Terry Hughes Terry Grossman,
Kathy Speer
December 3, 1988
A frantic search to retrieve a winning lottery ticket that Sophia accidentally gave away takes the ladies to a homeless shelter.
Guest stars: Karl Wiedergott, Herta Ware
85 9 "Scared Straight" Terry Hughes Christopher Lloyd December 10, 1988
When Blanche's newly divorced brother, Clayton, comes to town, he confides to Rose that he is homosexual; scared to tell Blanche the truth, though, he pretends to have bedded Rose.
Guest stars: Monte Markham, Nancy Priddy
86 10 "Stan Takes a Wife" Terry Hughes Winifred Hervey January 7, 1989
Stan breaks the news that he's engaged to be married for the third time, and Dorothy, convincing herself that she still loves him, decides to try to win him back. The girls try to talk Dorothy out of ruining Stan's wedding.
Guest star: Elinor Donahue
87 11 "The Auction" Terry Hughes Eric Cohen January 14, 1989
Blanche can't afford a new roof. Upon meeting an artist with a fatal disease, Blanche hatches a plan: invest in the artist's work, which will surely increase in value once he dies.
Guest stars: Tony Steedman, Michael McManus. 
88 12 "Blind Date" Terry Hughes Christopher Lloyd January 28, 1989
After being dumped by her boyfriend, Blanche befriends a man at a bar and makes a date with him, not realizing that he's blind; Dorothy and Rose try their hands at coaching a kids' football team. 
89 13 "The Impotence of Being Ernest" Steve Zuckerman Kevin Abbott,
Rick Copp,
David A. Goodman
February 4, 1989
Rose hits it off with new beau Ernest, but the two hit a snag when their relationship never quite gets physical. Meanwhile, Sophia fears a vendetta when she receives a black feather in the mail.
Guest star: Richard Herd
90 14 "Love Me Tender" Terry Hughes Tracy Gamble,
Richard Vaczy
February 6, 1989
Sophia objects to Dorothy's "completely physical" relationship with a nondescript new lover. Blanche and Rose become pals to two motherless girls, who also happen to be juvenile delinquents.
Guest stars: John Fiedler, Stefanie Ridel
91 15 "Valentine's Day" Terry Hughes Barry Fanaro,
Terry Grossman,
Mort Nathan,
Kathy Speer
February 11, 1989
The ladies remember the unique ways they have celebrated Valentine's Day in the past.
Guest star: Bill Dana; special appearance by Julio Iglesias
92 16 "Two Rode Together" Terry Hughes Robert Bruce,
Martin Weiss
February 18, 1989
Dorothy hopes to spend "quality time" with Sophia, while Sophia just wants to ride Space Mountain at Walt Disney World. Rose and Blanche collaborate to write a children's book with not-so-good results.
Special appearance by Freddie Jackson
93 17 "You Gotta Have Hope" Terry Hughes Barry Fanaro,
Mort Nathan
February 25, 1989

Dorothy is in charge of a talent show and things aren't going her way: she can't find any talent for the show and her emcee has just canceled. She only groans when Rose insists she can get Bob Hope to appear.

Guest stars: Bob Hope, Douglas Seale, the Del Rubio triplets, Daniel Rosen

94 18 "Fiddler on the Ropes" Terry Hughes Terry Grossman,
Kathy Speer
March 4, 1989
Sophia invests the roommates' money in a prizefighter.
Guest stars: Chick Vennera, Pamela Kosh
95 19 "Till Death Do We Volley" Terry Hughes Tracy Gamble,
Richard Vaczy
March 18, 1989
Dorothy is visited by high-school friend Trudy, whose friendship with her is based on competition and practical jokes. The competition gets out of hand when Trudy collapses and apparently dies during a game of tennis and Dorothy must break the news to their assembled classmates.
Guest star: Anne Francis
96 20 "High Anxiety" Terry Hughes Robert Bruce,
Martin Weiss
March 25, 1989

After Sophia accidentally knocks a bottle of Rose's pills down the sink, the girls learn that Rose is addicted. She battles withdrawal. Meanwhile, Dorothy and Sophia are hired to be in a pizza commercial.

Guest star: Jay Thomas

97 21 "Little Sister" Terry Hughes Christopher Lloyd April 1, 1989
Rose catches her visiting sister Holly with Blanche's boyfriend and tries to tell Blanche and Dorothy, who've been charmed by Holly and refuse to believe Rose. Meanwhile, Dorothy trusts Sophia to watch a dog, with disastrous results.
Guest stars: Inga Swenson, Jerry Hardin
98 22 "Sophia's Choice" Terry Hughes Tracy Gamble,
Richard Vaczy
April 15, 1989
Sophia goes into action to break her friend, Lillian, out of Sunny Pastures, "the worst nursing home in the city." However, Lillian proves to be too much of a handful for Sophia to handle. Meanwhile, Blanche considers having her breasts enlarged.
Guest star: Ellen Albertini Dow
99 23 "Rites of Spring" Terry Hughes Eric Cohen April 29, 1989
A week prior to a friend's annual party, the girls debate what they should do to improve their looks, leading them to reminisce about previous attempts to do so.
Guest star: Lloyd Bochner
100 24 "Foreign Exchange" Terry Hughes Harriet B. Helberg,
Sandy Helberg
May 6, 1989
In the 100th episode, Sophia's old friends come to Miami from Sicily for a visit and have shocking news for Dorothy: they believe she is theirs, switched at birth with the daughter they raised. Meanwhile, Blanche and Rose take "dirty dancing" lessons; uncharacteristically, Blanche isn't any good at it, while Rose is a quick study.
Guest stars: Vito Scotti, Nan Martin
101 25 "We're Outta Here (Part 1)" Terry Hughes Barry Fanaro,
Mort Nathan
May 13, 1989
Blanche, Dorothy, and Rose return home from a play to discover Sophia in the midst of selling the house. A "For Sale" sign was accidentally placed on the front lawn, but Blanche considers going through with the sale after learning the amount she's been offered. 
102 26 "We're Outta Here (Part 2)" Terry Hughes Terry Grossman,
Kathy Speer
May 13, 1989
The roommates mull over whether or not they should give up the house. 

Season 5: 1989-1990

Ep No. Title Directed by: Written by: Original air date
103 1 "Sick and Tired (Part 1)" Terry Hughes Susan Harris September 23, 1989
Doctors dismiss Dorothy's lingering illness as all in her head. Meanwhile, Blanche is inspired to write a novel about her life.
Guest star: Jeffrey Tambor as Dr. Stevens. 
104 2 "Sick and Tired (Part 2)" Terry Hughes Susan Harris September 30, 1989
Dorothy finally has a diagnosis: Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Blanche is delirious after she stays up for three days writing her manuscript, but Rose doesn't think it's any good.
Guest stars: Richard Mulligan as Dr. Harry Weston, Park Overall as Laverne, Keone Young as Dr. Michael Chang, Bibi Besch as Helen Budd. 
105 3 "The Accurate Conception" Terry Hughes Gail Parent October 14, 1989
Blanche's daughter intends to become a mother, through artificial insemination, despite Blanche's opposition. Meanwhile, Dorothy has to pull teeth in order to get Sophia to go in for a checkup. 
106 4 "Rose Fights Back" Terry Hughes Marc Sotkin October 21, 1989
When the company that Rose's husband worked for cuts off his pension, Rose must find a better-paying job. When she goes to the TV station to complain to their investigative reporter, Enrique Mas, of the age discrimination she's facing, she finds he needs an assistant — but he passes on her because she's too old. Meanwhile, Sophia goes wild buying things in quantity at a warehouse store.
Guest star: Chick Vennera in his first appearance as Enrique Mas. 
107 5 "Love Under the Big Top" Terry Hughes Tracy Gamble,
Richard Vaczy
October 28, 1989
Dorothy is in a serious relationship with a lawyer and believes he's on the verge of proposing. However, his announcement is that he's leaving law to become a circus clown. Meanwhile, Rose and Blanche put together a protest to save some dolphins.
Guest stars: Dick Van Dyke as Ken Whittingham, Mel Stewart as judge 
108 6 "Dancing in the Dark" Terry Hughes Phillip Jayson Lasker November 4, 1989
Rose fears that she is not smart enough for her dance partner, a college professor. First appearance by Harold Gould as Miles.
Guest star: John Ingle as Harv 
109 7 "Not Another Monday" Terry Hughes Gail Parent November 11, 1989
Sophia's friend wants to commit suicide and she wants Sophia there to hold her hand; Blanche, Rose, and Dorothy become singing nursemaids to a sick baby that they are taking care of for the weekend.
Guest stars: Richard Mulligan as Dr. Harry Weston, Geraldine Fitzgerald as Martha Lamont 
110 8 "That Old Feeling" Terry Hughes Tom Whedon November 18, 1989
Blanche is visited by her brother-in-law and is taken aback by his resemblance to her deceased husband; Sophia secretly has been driving.
Guest star: George Grizzard as Jamie Devereaux. 
111 9 "Comedy of Errors" Terry Hughes Don Reo November 25, 1989
Dorothy finds a list of things that she wanted to accomplish before a certain age and realizes that she hasn't accomplished many of them, so she signs up to do stand-up comedy at a nightclub. Meanwhile, Blanche finds herself battling the IRS when they discover her failure to report her rental income, and Rose tries to figure out why an employee dislikes her.
Guest star: Oliver Clark as Roger Barton. 
112 10 "All That Jazz" Terry Hughes Robert Bruce,
Martin Weiss
December 2, 1989
Dorothy's son, Michael, shows up on her doorstep with news that he's separated from his wife and needs a place to stay; Dorothy quickly gets tired of his freeloading and dumps him on Stan. Meanwhile, Rose is under much stress at work, but she is reluctant to ask her boss to cut back her duties.
Guest stars: Scott Jacoby as Michael Zbornak, Herb Edelman as Stan Zbornak, Chick Vennera as Enrique Mas. 
113 11 "Ebb Tide" Terry Hughes Marc Sotkin December 9, 1989
When Blanche goes back to her childhood home for Big Daddy's funeral, she argues with her sister, Virginia, and decides not to attend. Meanwhile, Sophia tries to raise cash for a TV and rents out the girls' rooms in their absence.
Guest star: Sheree North as Virginia. 
114 12 "Have Yourself a Very Little Christmas" Terry Hughes Tom Whedon December 16, 1989
Stan visits, trying to get the ladies to invest in a research-and-development lab for novelties. The ladies volunteer at a soup kitchen on Christmas.
Guest stars: Herb Edelman as Stan Zbornak, Matt McCoy as Father Avery. 
115 13 "Mary Has a Little Lamb" Terry Hughes Harold Apter January 6, 1990
The girls take in a 16-year-old pregnant girl who's been thrown out of her home; Blanche's prison pen pal has just been released and is looking for her.
Guest star: Julie McCullough as Mary. 
116 14 "Great Expectations" Terry Hughes Robert Bruce,
Martin Weiss
January 13, 1990
Rose joins a positive-thinking group and tries to get a pessimistic Dorothy to join. Meanwhile, Blanche is scared to get physical with her latest boyfriend, especially after he has a heart attack.
Guest star: Robert Mandan as Steven. 
117 15 "Triple Play" Terry Hughes Gail Parent January 27, 1990
Blanche tries to lure men by placing an ad for a Mercedes she doesn't intend to sell. Meanwhile, Rose has to deal with meeting Miles's daughter; Dorothy discovers Sophia is hoarding Social Security money she's receiving, thanks to a computer error, in excess of her entitlement.
Guest stars: Harold Gould as Miles, Molly Hagan as Caroline, Ronnie Schell as Thomas, Bill Cort as James, Lance Wilson-White as delivery boy. 
118 16 "Clinton Avenue Memoirs" Terry Hughes Tracy Gamble,
Richard Vaczy
February 3, 1990
Sophia decides to try to regain some of the memories she has lost by taking a trip to Brooklyn to see their old apartment. Meanwhile, Blanche works for Rose.
Guest stars: Sid Melton as Salvadore Petrillo, Kyle Hefner as young Salvadore, David Correia as Mr. Hernandez, Flo Di Re as young Sophia, Jandi Swanson as young Dorothy. 
119 17 "Like the Beep Beep Beep of the Tom-Tom" Terry Hughes Phillip Jayson Lasker February 10, 1990
Blanche has a pacemaker implanted, and is afterward so scared of intimacy that she decides to give up sex.
Guest stars: Robert Culp as Simon, Peter Michael Goetz as Dr. Stein. 
120 18 "An Illegitimate Concern" Terry Hughes Marc Cherry,
Jamie Wooten
February 12, 1990
Blanche is stunned when a man comes to the front door and claims to be the illegitimate son of her late husband; Dorothy and Sophia enter a mother-daughter pageant at Shady Pines.
Guest star: Mark Moses as David (NOTE: Mark Moses is known best for his role as Paul Young on Desperate Housewives). 
121 19 "72 Hours" Terry Hughes Tracy Gamble,
Richard Vaczy
February 17, 1990
Rose is afraid that a blood transfusion she had several years ago may have contained HIV-infected blood.
Guest star: Peggy Walton-Walker as receptionist. 
122 20 "Twice in a Lifetime" Terry Hughes Robert Bruce,
Martin Weiss
February 24, 1990
Rose must decide between her boyfriend, Miles, and an old boyfriend who wants her to go to Europe with him. Meanwhile, fed up with Dorothy's rules, Sophia decides to move out.
Guest stars: Eddie Bracken as Buzz, Harold Gould as Miles. 
123 21 "Sisters and Other Strangers" Terry Hughes Marc Cherry,
Jamie Wooten
March 3, 1990
Blanche and her sister, Charmaine, reconcile after a life-long rivalry, until Blanche reads her sister's recently published romance novel and realizes that the heroine is based on her. Dorothy becomes fed up with Stan's visiting cousin from Czechoslovakia, who does nothing but extol the virtues of Communism. (NOTE: The name of this episode is a play on that of the film Lovers and Other Strangers, which starred Bea Arthur.)
Guest stars: Barbara Babcock as Charmaine Hollingsworth, Marian Mercer as Magda. 
124 22 "Cheaters" Terry Hughes Tom Whedon March 24, 1990
The married man whom Dorothy once dated re-enters her life with news that he's now divorced and would like to reconcile with her; Blanche and Sophia become the victims of a con game.
Guest stars: Jerry Orbach as Glen O'Brien, Sam McMurray as Mr. Kane, Nancy Lenehan as nun. 
125 23 "The Mangiacavallo Curse Makes a Lousy Wedding Present to Us" Terry Hughes Phillip Jayson Lasker March 31, 1990
The girls attend the wedding of Dorothy's goddaughter, who is marrying the grandson of a man who was once engaged to Sophia. Sophia thinks that the wedding reception is the perfect spot for revenge. Rose, however, is dreading the ceremony, due to her tendency to become sexually aroused at weddings.
Guest stars: Howard Duff as Magiacavallo, Stuart Nisbet as Doug, Tanya Louise as Jenny, Paul Collins as man, Miles Berkowitz as the groom. 
126 24 "All Bets Off" Terry Hughes Eugene B. Stein April 28, 1990
Dorothy's gambling problem re-surfaces after a visit to the racetrack; Rose takes up painting; and Blanche is insulted when a co-worker rejects her advances.
Guest star: Michael Ensign as Donald. 
127 25 "The President's Coming! The President's Coming! (Part 1)" Lex Passaris Robert Bruce,
Gail Parent,
Marc Sotkin,
Martin Weiss
May 5, 1990
The girls learn that President George H. W. Bush is coming to Miami and their house is a possible candidate for his stop along the way to a retirement home. The girls reminisce as a Secret Service agent informally interrogates them.
Guest star: Timothy Stack as Agent Bell. 
128 26 "The President's Coming! The President's Coming! (Part 2)" Lex Passaris Marc Cherry,
Phillip Jayson Lasker,
Tom Whedon,
Jamie Wooten
May 5, 1990
The girls continue to reminisce with a Secret Service agent, and the President decides to stop at their house.
Guest stars: Timothy Stack as Agent Bell, Herb Edelman as Stan Zbornak, Harry Shearer as the voice of President George Bush. 

Season 6: 1990-1991

Ep No. Title Directed by: Written by: Original air date
129 1 "Blanche Delivers" Matthew Diamond Gail Parent,
Jim Vallely
September 22, 1990
Blanche's daughter wants to give birth in a birthing center; Blanche doesn't want her to deliver in a local hospital, worried that the artificial insemination will become known. Meanwhile, Rose decides to fulfill a childhood dream of becoming an ice skater.
Guest stars: Debra Engle as Rebecca Devereaux, Ken Lerner as Doctor, Leila Kenzle as Tamara. 
130 2 "Once, in St. Olaf" Matthew Diamond Harold Apter September 29, 1990
Rose meets her biological father while volunteering at the hospital; Sophia must undergo hernia surgery.
Guest star: Don Ameche as Brother Martin. 
131 3 "If at Last You Do Succeed" Matthew Diamond Robert Spina October 6, 1990
Finally having become rich with one of his "silly" contraptions, Dorothy's ex-husband, Stan, tries to win her back.
Guest star: Herb Edelman as Stan Zbornak. 
132 4 "Snap Out of It" Matthew Diamond Tracy Gamble,
Richard Vaczy
October 13, 1990
Dorothy decides to help Sophia with the Meals on Wheels program and runs across a reclusive man who hasn't stepped out of his apartment since the 1960s; Blanche's birthday is coming up and Rose is determined to find out her real age.
Guest star: Martin Mull as Jimmy. 
133 5 "Wham, Bam, Thank You, Mammy" Matthew Diamond Marc Cherry,
Jamie Wooten
October 20, 1990
Blanche gets an unexpected visit from her childhood "mammy," but Blanche is reluctant even to speak to her because, she says, the woman deserted her when she was a child; Sophia hires a matchmaker for Dorothy.
Guest star: Ruby Dee as Viola Watkins. 
134 6 "Feelings" Matthew Diamond Jerry Perzigian,
Don Seigel
October 27, 1990
Dorothy receives threats after failing a football star; Rose must deal with her dentist, who she thinks fondled her during her last visit.
Guest stars: George Wyner as Dr. Lou Norgan, Robert Costanzo as Coach Odlivak, Christopher Daniel Barnes as Kevin Kelly. 
135 7 "Zborn Again" Matthew Diamond Mitchell Hurwitz November 3, 1990
Stan is wooing Dorothy and her old feelings for him may be resurfacing; Rose has to deal with an annoying co-worker and asks for Sophia's assistance.
Guest stars: Herb Edelman as Stan Zbornak, Siobhan Fallon Hogan as Abby Wolfe. 
136 8 "How Do You Solve a Problem Like Sophia?" Matthew Diamond Marc Cherry,
Jamie Wooten
November 10, 1990
After the death of a friend who was a nun, Sophia is accepted by the convent as a novice; Blanche gets into an accident in Rose's car.
Guest stars: Kathleen Freeman as Mother Superior, Lela Ivey as Sister Claire, Lynne Marie Stewar as Sister Anne, Paul Willson as Arthur Nivingston. 
137 9 "Mrs. George Devereaux" Matthew Diamond Tracy Gamble,
Richard Vaczy
November 17, 1990

Strange goings-on: Blanche has a secret admirer and is shocked when she meets him, her dead husband, George; and Dorothy is being wooed by two celebrities, Sonny Bono and Lyle Waggoner.

Guest stars: George Grizzard as George Devereaux, Lyle Waggoner as himself, and Sonny Bono as himself. 

138 10 "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun... Before They Die" Matthew Diamond Gail Parent,
Jim Vallely
November 24, 1990
Sophia and Rose take advice from Blanche that lands each of them in hot water: Due to a drought in St. Olaf, Rose swears to be celibate and Blanche advises her not to tell Miles, while Sophia follows Blanche's tips to lure a man into bed.
Guest star: Cesar Romero
139 11 "Stand by Your Man" Matthew Diamond Tom Whedon December 1, 1990
Blanche meets a man at the library and only after they make a date does she realizes he's in a wheelchair; Rose wants a puppy, despite Blanche's and Dorothy's opposition. 
140 12 "Ebbtide's Revenge" Matthew Diamond Marc Sotkin December 15, 1990
Dorothy must give the eulogy at the funeral of her brother, Phil, who was a cross dresser. The long-running feud between Sophia and Phil's widow culminates in Sophia's revelation of her true feelings about her son and his lifestyle.
Guest stars: Brenda Vaccaro as Angela Petrillo, Earl Boen as Father Salerno. 
141 13 "The Bloom Is Off the Rose" Matthew Diamond Phillip Jayson Lasker January 5, 1991
Rose wants more adventure in her relationship with Miles, so she signs them up for sky-diving lessons; Blanche uncharacteristically dates an abusive man.
Guest stars: Harold Gould as Miles Webber, Mitchell Ryan as Rex Huntington, Don Mirault as skydiving instructor, Alan Baltes as skydiving student. 
142 14 "Sister of the Bride" Matthew Diamond Marc Cherry,
Jamie Wooten
January 12, 1991
Blanche's gay brother, Clayton, visits Miami to announce his commitment ceremony; Rose expects to win a Volunteer of the Year award. 
143 15 "Miles to Go" Matthew Diamond Jerry Perzigian,
Don Seigel
January 19, 1991
After hearing of a mobster's death, Miles reveals that he is in the Witness Relocation Program in Chicago, and that his real name is Nicholas Carbone. When he learns that the mobster faked his death, Miles must leave Miami and go into hiding. Meanwhile, Blanche must find a way to pay for the expensive dress she bought, having hit a snag in her plan to return the dress after wearing it. 
144 16 "There Goes the Bride (Part 1)" Matthew Diamond Mitchell Hurwitz,
Gail Parent,
Jim Vallely
February 2, 1991
Dorothy has been sneaking around so that Sophia won't know that she's dating Stan; Rose goes out to dinner with a friend of Miles, whose ex-wife begins stalking Rose. (*A plot point/air date conflict is apparent when Rose explains that Miles is in Europe with a class of college students, when it has been revealed that he has fled Miami to escape a mobster named the Cheeseman.) 
145 17 "There Goes the Bride (Part 2)" Matthew Diamond Gail Parent,
Jim Vallely
February 9, 1991
Totally against Dorothy and Stan's impending nuptials, Sophia vows not to let the ceremony come off; Blanche interviews a potential roommate (Debbie Reynolds). 
146 18 "Older and Wiser" Matthew Diamond Tracy Gamble,
Richard Vaczy
February 16, 1991
Wanting someone to keep an eye on Sophia during the day, Dorothy gets Sophia a job under false pretenses. Meanwhile, Blanche and Rose are excited about being hired as models for a Penny Saver, but it doesn't turn out the way they expected. 
147 19 "Melodrama" Matthew Diamond Robert Spina February 16, 1991
Blanche wants to intensify her relationship with her infamous one-night-stand man, Mel Bushman; Rose tries her hand at TV reporting. 
148 20 "Even Grandmas Get the Blues" Robert Berlinger Gail Parent,
Jim Vallely
March 2, 1991
While Blanche is babysitting her granddaughter, a man mistakes Blanche for the baby's mother, and Blanche does nothing to set him straight. Meanwhile, Sophia gets ready for the Festival of the Dancing Virgins, a celebration of mothers and daughters.
Guest star: Alan Rachins
149 21 "Witness" Zane Buzby Mitchell Hurwitz March 9, 1991
Rose has a new man, Karl, in her life, but out of the blue Miles returns, still undercover in the Witness Protection Program; Sophia loses her glasses; and Blanche discovers that she had a Jewish great-grandmother, a Yankee from Buffalo.
Guest star: Barney Martin, Harold Gould, Kristy McNichol
150 22 "What a Difference a Date Makes" Lex Passaris Marc Cherry,
Jamie Wooten
March 23, 1991
The man who stood up Dorothy for her senior prom contacts her and they make a date; Blanche goes on a diet to keep to her tradition of annually fitting into her wedding dress.
Guest star: Hal Linden
151 23 "Love for Sale" Peter D. Beyt Jerry Perzigian,
Don Seigel
April 6, 1991
The girls prepare for the Children's Hospital Bachelorette Auction; Stan's uncle dies, leaving him his apartment, and making Dorothy a landlady. Meanwhile, Sophia's brother, Angelo, comes to Miami, broke and with no place to live.
Guest Star: Bill Dana as Uncle Angelo 
152 24 "Never Yell Fire in a Crowded Retirement Home (Part 1)" Matthew Diamond Tracy Gamble,
Gail Parent,
Mitchell Hurwitz,
Richard Vaczy,
Tom Whedon
April 27, 1991
The deathbed confession of an ex-resident of Shady Pines is bad news for Sophia: the old lady confessed that she and Sophia started the 1985 Shady Pines fire. With the possibility of Sophia's going to jail hanging over their heads, the girls relive happier times via flashbacks. 
153 25 "Never Yell Fire in a Crowded Retirement Home (Part 2)" Matthew Diamond Tracy Gamble,
Jerry Perzigian,
Don Seigel,
Richard Vaczy,
Jim Vallely
April 27, 1991
Sophia can't remember the events of the evening of the 1985 Shady Pines fire, and decides to jump bail and go back to Sicily. 
154 26 "Henny Penny — Straight, No Chaser" Judy Pioli Tom Whedon May 4, 1991
The ladies star in Dorothy's school play when a bug quarantines her students. Rose is Henny Penny, the chicken that believes "the sky is falling"; Blanche is Goosey Loosey; and Dorothy is Turkey Lurkey. Meanwhile, Blanche is mortified when an ex-boyfriend plants a fake obituary in the paper claiming she died at age 68; and Sophia continues a decades-old chess-by-mail rivalry with her old nemesis from Sicily.
Guest star: George Hearn

Season 7: 1991-1992

Ep No. Title Directed by: Written by: Original airdate
155 1 "Hey, Look Me Over" Lex Passaris Mitchell Hurwitz September 21, 1991
A photograph shows Rose's Charlie in bed with Blanche; Dorothy resists getting a hearing aid. 
156 2 "The Case of the Libertine Belle" Lex Passaris Tom Whedon September 28, 1991
The girls participate in a murder-mystery weekend and Dorothy is a keen amateur sleuth. But when the show's over and the case is solved, there's another stabbing, and Blanche is suspected. This episode was meant as parody of the popular CBS series Murder, She Wrote starring Bea Arthur's real life best friend Angela Lansbury
157 3 "Beauty and the Beast" Lex Passaris Marc Cherry,
Jamie Wooten
October 5, 1991
Blanche wants her visiting granddaughter (Alisan Porter) to win the Little Miss Beauty contest. Meanwhile, Dorothy hires a nurse to look after a wheelchair-bound Sophia, who is less than thrilled when her nurse turns out to be an old enemy from Shady Pines.
Guest star: Edie McClurg
158 4 "That's for Me to Know" Lex Passaris Kevin Abbott October 12, 1991
When Blanche tries to put in a hot tub, she learns from a city inspector that she must either lose a renter or make costly modifications to her home. Meanwhile, Dorothy wants to know the truth behind a photo of Sophia as a young bride with a man who isn't Dorothy's father. 
159 5 "Where's Charlie?" Lex Passaris Gail Parent,
Jim Vallely
October 19, 1991
After Miles gives Rose a friendship ring, Rose becomes convinced Charlie is trying to contact her from the grave with the message that he disapproves of her relationship with Miles; Blanche begins coaching her new baseball-player boyfriend, Stevie (Tim Thomerson). 
160 6 "Mother Load" Lex Passaris Jerry Perzigian,
Don Seigel
October 26, 1991
Blanche begins dating a newscaster (Peter Graves), who has an interfering mother; Stan asks Dorothy to attend a counseling session with him. 
161 7 "Dateline: Miami" Peter D. Beyt Marc Cherry,
Jamie Wooten
November 2, 1991
As she prepares to go out on a Saturday night, Dorothy realizes she is the only one with a date. Soon the other girls are reminiscing about some of the worst dates they have ever had. 
162 8 "The Monkey Show (Part 1)" Lex Passaris Mitchell Hurwitz,
Marc Sotkin
November 9, 1991
As a hurricane threatens Miami, Dorothy discovers that Stan is "moving on" with her sister, Gloria, while Blanche and Rose hold a telethon to save a lighthouse
163 9 "The Monkey Show (Part 2)" Lex Passaris Mitchell Hurwitz,
Marc Sotkin
November 9, 1991
Dorothy catches Gloria with Stan in her bed, then learns that Sophia pushed Stan and Gloria together. As the storm intensifies, Dorothy and Sophia get into a fight and Sophia goes out into the hurricane. 
164 10 "Ro$e Love$ Mile$" Lex Passaris Tracy Gamble,
Jerry Perzigian,
Don Seigel,
Richard Vaczy
November 16, 1991
Rose, tired of Miles' penny-pinching ways, decides to take Blanche's advice and go out with her and some big spenders. Meanwhile, Blanche has been left in charge of Sophia while Dorothy is away, and Sophia decides to go to Sicily to square things with the man she stood up at the altar decades earlier. 
165 11 "Room 7" Peter D. Beyt Tracy Gamble,
Jerry Perzigian,
Don Seigel,
Richard Vaczy
November 23, 1991
Sophia chokes on a piece of candy and has an after-life experience, seeing her late husband in heaven. Meanwhile, Blanche is distraught over the demolition of her grandmother's plantation, so the girls travel to Atlanta, where Blanche handcuffs herself to the radiator. 
166 12 "From Here to the Pharmacy" Lex Passaris Gail Parent,
Jim Vallely
December 7, 1991
A man Blanche has no memory of, a soldier returning from the Persian Gulf, charges her with the promise he says she made to him before he left: that she would be his and only his. Meanwhile, Rose helps Sophia with her will. 
167 13 "The Pope's Ring" Lex Passaris Kevin Abbott December 14, 1991
Pope John Paul II's in town and Sophia goes to his mass to get a blessing for an ailing friend; while there, she somehow gets and loses the pope's piscatory ring. Meanwhile, as a birthday gift, Blanche hires Rose a detective to spy on Miles. 
168 14 "Old Boyfriends" Peter D. Beyt Marc Cherry,
Jamie Wooten
January 4, 1992
Rose can't remember an acquaintance named Thor from St. Olaf; Sophia meets a man through an ad whose sister insists on coming with them on all their dates.
Guest stars: Ken Berry and Betty Garrett
169 15 "Goodbye, Mr. Gordon" Lex Passaris Gail Parent,
Jim Vallely
January 11, 1992
Dorothy is contacted by her high-school teacher on whom she once had a crush and apparently still has. Meanwhile, Rose arranges for Dorothy and Blanche to appear on a talk show with the topic of "women who live together," not realizing that the show is about lesbian relationships.
Guest stars: James T. Callahan
170 16 "The Commitments" Lex Passaris Tracy Gamble,
Richard Vaczy
January 25, 1992
Dorothy goes to see "Beatlemania" and begins bedding a Beatle impersonator from the show on the night she meets him. In contrast, Blanche worries about her sex appeal when she pulls out all the stops to get an attractive widower into bed and he hasn't so much as kissed her after five dates.
Guest stars: Ken Howard, Terry Kiser
171 17 "Questions and Answers" Lex Passaris Jerry Perzigian,
Don Seigel
February 8, 1992
Dorothy is all excited when she learns that Jeopardy! is having tryouts in Miami; Blanche and Dorothy give Rose a dog to cheer her up when her candy-striper job at the hospital begins to get her down.
Guest stars: Alex Trebek, Johnny Gilbert and Merv Griffin, all as themselves. 
172 18 "Ebbtide VI: The Wrath of Stan" Lex Passaris Marc Sotkin February 15, 1992
Dorothy and Stan are ordered to live in their bug-infested building; Sophia's annual trip to buy shoes goes awry. 
173 19 "Journey to the Center of Attention" Lex Passaris Marc Cherry,
Jamie Wooten
February 22, 1992
Blanche takes a lonely Dorothy down to the Rusty Anchor, Blanche's favorite hangout, and gets more than she bargained for when Dorothy's singing is a hit with all the guys; Sophia hosts her own wake. Note: This is Rue McClanahan's favorite episode. 
174 20 "A Midwinter Night's Dream (Part 1)" Lex Passaris Kevin Abbott,
Tom Whedon
February 29, 1992
A full moon on Leap Day prompts Blanche to throw a Moonlight Madness Party, but Dorothy gets all the attention; Rose proposes to Miles after winning a free honeymoon to Paris
175 21 "A Midwinter Night's Dream (Part 2)" Lex Passaris Tom Whedon February 29, 1992
The full moon and festivities prompt strange happenings: Dorothy and Miles find themselves sharing a passionate kiss, and Blanche's necklace disappears while she necks with a British man. 
176 22 "Rose: Portrait of a Woman" Lex Passaris Robert Spina March 7, 1992
It's Miles's birthday and Rose is planning on giving him a golf club; Blanche suggests she spice up her relationship by giving him naughty pictures instead. Meanwhile, Career Day results in a new job for Dorothy. 
177 23 "Home Again, Rose (Part 1)" Peter D. Beyt Gail Parent April 25, 1992
Rose is upset when she misses her high-school reunion, so Blanche persuades the girls to crash a reunion held in Miami, but during the festivities, Rose suffers a heart attack. 
178 24 "Home Again, Rose (Part 2)" Peter D. Beyt Jim Vallely May 2, 1992
As Rose undergoes triple bypass surgery, Blanche, Dorothy, and Sophia grapple with the possibility of losing Rose. Meanwhile, Rose's daughter Kirsten arrives and expresses her disapproval of her mother's living arrangements. 
179 25 "One Flew Out of the Cuckoo's Nest (Part 1)" Lex Passaris Mitchell Hurwitz,
Jerry Perzigian,
Don Seigel
May 9, 1992
Blanche needs someone to entertain her visiting Uncle Lucas, and persuades Dorothy to go out with him. Uncle Lucas makes a joking marriage proposal that soon becomes sincere.
Guest star: Leslie Nielsen
180 26 "One Flew Out of the Cuckoo's Nest (Part 2)" Lex Passaris Mitchell Hurwitz,
Jerry Perzigian,
Don Seigel
May 9, 1992
As Dorothy's wedding day approaches, everyone prepares for changes in the household: Rose plans to move in with her daughter, and Sophia plans to move with Dorothy and Lucas to Atlanta. Or will Sophia be willing to leave two of her girls behind? 

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Enjoy the shows - and please feel free to hit me up in the comments - I am (sadly) always up for some good GG chat! :)

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Josh's picture

brodie... while this show might give some men-a-pause (get it!? menopause?! Old Ladies.... ehhhh) I think it is worth it to watch. You should watch some of them! I find The Golden Girls to be one of those ALMOST timeless shows (I say almost because the clothes, decor, and some of the celebrity references are ... well, more than a little dated) that has stayed pretty hip given the decades it has been off the air. Im really enjoying your videos, too - I just havent had much comment time. Probably because I spend so much time watching the Golden Girls. Over and over and over again.

Dont get me wrong, I have seeen a LOT of GG. Like, probably half or more. I just don't find myself wanting to return to that life anymore as my netflix queueueueue is already so so long!

I think you've just put an end to all the to-do items I wanted to tick off my list this weekend. Seriously, I LOVE Golden Girls. I started watching them when I stayed with my grandma as a kid and will watch them anytime I find them on tv. I even stayed up late in college to watch the reruns on Lifetime when they aired there at 11 pm - 1 pm.

Nell's picture

Golden Girls is like my therapy and  when I'm at school I can't catch the late night reruns so this is a life saver for me!! I love it so much; this is incredible! thank youuuu!

Nell 's picture

right?! instead of doing homework...hmmm i think i will watch one more :D