Another week, another predictable round of Hollywood making money

Media Hijinks - Remakes, Sequels, Remakes… and More ‘Arrow’!

This last week in the world of Media Hijinks hasn’t been very exciting, to be honest. There are a few good bits of news, but mostly it’s just a list of remakes and sequels that we don’t need. So, now that you have been warned…

The best news first - Arrow as been officially renewed for a third season! Not that there was really any doubt that the show would go on. It’s been receiving a lot of critical acclaim and the Arrowheads (me included) are almost rabid with their intensity and devotion. Still, it’s nice to hear the official word from the CW that they will be smart and not pull a Firefly on the show.

And now we start the less-fun stuff.

There have been rumors that Stephen King’s It was going to get a remake, although they weren’t going to make it into a proper series like it should be, instead opting for just one movie to tell the tale of the entire book. There were some plans to make it into two flicks, but that doesn’t look like it will be panning out anymore. It appears as the project will be moving forward. So, as soon as director Cary Fukunaga (Jane Eyre) is done with his latest project, he’ll be moving on to the It remake. Personally, I think the mini-series was about as good as they’re going to get it without allowing producers to run a full-length season. Oh well, I’m sure they’ll still make money off it.

Second up on the movies-that-should-not-be list - a sequel to Jingle All the Way. Now, you may be saying to yourself “But Arnie was hilarious in the first film!” and you might even be right. But this sequel will have no Arnie. It will, instead, feature Larry the Cable Guy as the lead. So, essentially, Hollywood is creating a useless sequel and giving everyone a giant reason to avoid it like the plague. Nice job, guys.

The third remake news involves yet another incarnation of the 80s television show, Knight Rider. It looks like they’ll be going the comedic route with it this time, akin to what they did with 

21 Jump Street
. They’ve even got a couple of leads lined up (though not officially signed) in the form of Chris Pratt and Danny McBride. Once again, I am thoroughly unimpressed.

Oh, and there’s about three other reboots coming up too! But I am way too depressed at this point to carry on. So instead, I shall relay some potentially good news. If you’ve been waiting around to see what the newest Marvel flick, Guardians of the Galaxy is going to look like, the wait is almost up. The trailer for the movie will be showing up very soon, on Tuesday, February 18th. So keep an eye out online and cross your fingers that they’ve put together something awesome.

Until next week, try to think of clever things to say so that you can put them at the end of things that you write.

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Why do I fear that somehow, some way, Adam Sandler is involved in all of these crappy movie decisions? I can totally see Happy Madison putting out that horrible Jingle All the Way sequel. This is just depressing, all the way around.

Somewhere in the background, Adam Sandler is lurking. He hides in the shadows and uses his special mind control powers to force Hollywood execs to made silly decisions. He must secretly own parts of all the copyrights in the world. Or at least the ones on movies that don't need to be done again.