Sundays in La Casa Schmidt are now Artzooka Days.

Artzooka Day!

Last week I wrote about a new resource we are using in our home called Artzooka. It’s an award-winning television show on the Qubo network that features a youthful host (I’d say he’s in his 20s) who comes up with all kinds of fun projects to do. My daughter and I have been watching it for a couple of weeks and since last Sunday, we’ve dubbed Sundays in our house

 Artzooka Sundays!

 Today we made Easter Island heads out of toilet paper tubes, but we didn’t make the whole craft since he painted his and made them into puppets. We liked ours just as heads, then we made them say quotes from Labyrinth (“Don’t go on! Go back while you still can! This is not the way!”). They are now nestled in our photo holder/shelf combo with several other crafts.

Next, we did the daily challenge from the episode. This one was kitchen utensils and other items, so Wood Sprite made two pieces of art. First she made a flower with a butterfly (pictured above), then she made a person. She used salt to make socks! She made me promise not to peek while she answered the challenge, then to take pictures afterward.

By then, she was inspired to cook something with some mint out of our garden so our Artzooka time came to an end rather quickly, but I have a feeling we may do another one tonight or tomorrow since I now have some neon straws to make the squid she wanted to make last week…

Photo courtesy of Sara S. and Wood Sprite

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A blogger, ghostwriter and supernatural romance author, Sara is also a Midwestern homeschooler. She runs a local homeschool group, volunteers with several organizations and goes on adventures with her daughter and husband daily. Though she's come a long way since her first job as a face painter, she still likes to get messy pretty much all of the time.

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